Alpine Ibex (Capra ibex) is a game animal that was introduced with The Hunter theme server pack. They are found wandering around the high mountains of Val des Bois.

Appearance Edit

Alpine Ibex are a light brown color and rare ones are albino. Males have long horns, while females have shorter horns.

Attracting Edit

In The Hunter pack, Alpine Ibex are not attractable, However in OAIB Hunting Online they can be attracted by goat calls and goat feed.

Destinations Edit

In The Hunter, Alpine Ibex are only found in Val Des Bois. In OAIB Hunting Online & OAIB Game Hunting 2017, they can be found in numerous places including the European Alps and on multiple Google Earth® destinations.

Statistics Edit

Male and Female Alpine Ibex are scored by the following in The Hunter pack:


  • Length of horns
  • Circumferences of horns
  • Greatest spread

Beauty Points

  • 0-3 points for color
  • 0-3 points for age rings and ridges
  • 0-3 points for horn curve

In OAIB Hunting Online and OAIB Game Hunting 2017, Ibex are scored by the length of their horns and the curve in their horns.

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Hunting Tip Edit

The following details are from The Hunter Alpine Ibex Guide.

Start at the following lodge(s) for quickly finding this species.

Lodge Reserve Walking direction
Chalet du Mont-Bleu Val-des-Bois North
Maison du Néant Val-des-Bois East

The Ibex presents a slightly different playing experience that for example that of deer species. It is located in the higher regions of Val-des-Bois and has outstanding climbing abilities. It can climb up very steep mountainsides, even to places where a player cannot get. Ibexes are wary and quiet animals who blend in well in their native Alpine environment. The Alpine Ibex is a skillful climbers. It can climb almost vertical cliff faces with ease, so going after them will require a great deal of knowledge of the area. Some steep surfaces may be possible to climb, others will lead to a quick drop down to harm. Wise hunters always bring a First Aid Kit along when hunting Ibex in Val-des-Bois. When hunting Alpine Ibex, there should be a lot of planning going into every shot to avoid losing that great trophy. After all, that is what makes hunting Alpine Ibex worth it: those magnificent horns!

Timeline Edit

05/15/17 The Hunter Theme Pack was introduced in the 4.0.5 update introducing the Alpine Ibex as well as other species from The Hunter.

Screenshots Edit

The following images are from The Hunter Wikia to show better quality of the pictures.

Trophy alpine ibex